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Welcome to Funrama!

Inspired by Chris Claremont's Uncanny X-Men, I decided to create my own comic in 1986 featuring my own team of superheroes. So, Funrama was born! I was 11 years-old and I created Funrama with ball point pens and magic markers on copy paper. I used a friend' s copy machine to make duplicates of the comic to share with others.

All in all, I created roughly 50 issues of the comic between the ages of 11 and 16. Unfortunately, due to a house fire, I lost all the copies of the original incarnation of Funrama, except for one: issue #13 (which I had stored elsewhere, by luck.)

Funrama featured a team called the Mutant Dudes. They lived on an island off the coast of Galveston, TX called Funrama. The original team was Manta Man, Jaguar, Cactus Man, Shadow Man, Condor and Silver Bullet. The first villains they fought were The Mutant Punks which consisted of Concord, Lead Head, Twisterella, The Fog (called Ghost at the time) and Bombcat. Other villains they fought were Tarantula, Crimson Dread, and L.L CO, all of which are re-appearing in Funrama today.

Later Funrama cast members included Sphere (A robot that is now the character Adam Bomb who will be introduced in Funrama #5); Megawatt (an electrical character that will appear in the second volume); and Holocaust, who is now called Freakshow and made his appearance in Funrama #2.

The first female member of Funrama was Hygeia the Goddess Of Health. She appeared in issue #23 and will be reintroduced in the current run with issue #4. Shortly after that, Brawn joined, a strong character who will reappear in the 2nd volume; Flora who is now Raccoon's friend and debuted in issue #2; And Raccoon herself , who joined around the original issue #31, and is now a main character starting with the current 2nd issue.

The biggest change to Funrama, from then to now, are the characters Mantaboy and Henry The Clown. Mantaboy is a new character I made in 2000, after I decided to sack the character Manta Man. We will definitely see a lot of him! Then, I needed a character to be in charge of Funrama, the island iself. So, I created this clown character, who was a thin echo of a "brainy" midget character I had in the original run, named simply "Brain". Almost all of my old characters will be reappearing in the current Funrama storyline in some way or another. Raccoon's parents, Burn and Dodge, have already appeared. Condor and Silverbullet will be a very big presence in the story.

In 2000, after graduating from college, I decided to relaunch Funrama with all of these new ideas. The result was a promotional first issue that was printed by my alma mater The Minneapolis College Of Art And Design. This was many fan's first introduction to Funrama. The comic is still available to purchase, but I usually don't sell it because it's now more of a curious relic of the past. A false start. Funrama stalled after that as I became busy with trying to earn a living.

In 2008, I tried to relaunch Funrama as a limited series and pitched it to various publishers, but many were not interested. Some publishers were nice. Some couldn't care less. Ultimately, I pulled it away from the idea of getting it published from a traditional publisher. Why should I give them my best comic when they're not interested or need to carve it down and water down all the creativity? I'll just make my comic for the one person who will truly value it: Myself!

In 2010, I officially launched Funrama with Funrama #1: Presents The Mutant Punks. I quickly went to work on #2 and released Funrama #2: Presents Raccoon in early 2012. I'm now at work with Funrama #3: Cactus Man. Issue #4 will tell the story of Hygeia and #5 will introduce Adam Bomb.

The first 5 issues tell a sort of "Prequel" story about a team forming to serve on a great mission. Those first 5 issues will be collected in a trade paperback which would be neat if a publisher published it. If not, I'll do it myself. After that, The real story begins. All the characters will meet together as a team and go on a great adventure. That will take place in issue #6-10. It would be neat if a publisher published that. If not, I'll do it myself.

Now, I present to you where you can read the first issue for free (it's out of print) and purchase #2. Stop by to get updates on future installments. I will be selling things in the shop and updating cast members. And most of all, have FUN. I hope you will continue to help me by supporting FUNRAMA! Thanks.


Funrama and all characters © Ryan Kelly